How it all began?

It has been a humble beginning and the inception of happened in the kitchen of my rented apartment. And it was actually where we worked on it due to limited space in the apartment.

I started with passion, but as I went along it became a cause and a dream to bring together all the businesses all over the world to one centralised website – To help people not to waste their precious time navigating website to website – time is money.

My dream is now my ambition. From a roadside food stall to multi-billion-dollar enterprise, each and every business no matter how big or small will all have their listing at

A visitor should be able to search for any business, their location, contact, and other relevant information with ease and without confusion.

My ambition was fueled by lack of information and location of services and businesses when we needed the most.

Now you have you won’t need any other website!

We assure you that we will keep on improving our services to reach out to every one of you.

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Revised: March | 2018