About Us


Our cause is driven be sheer ambition. We work hard to bring to the people ease of access of vital info when they need the most.


We always keep the people and their accessibility in mind. Hence we continue to talk to you to understand your need for info and when do you require them.


We care about our environment and our future generation


We have the best team to work with you without any hassle to you.




To bring all  businesses around the world no matter how small under

Who We Are

  • We help businesses

We help businesses attract more customers by offering them our platform to reach out to customers with greater mileage in advertising with paid as well as free listing which makes it much easier for potential customers to find them, especially via mobile devices.

  • We help customers

Semantictrade helps customers find local store details like opening hours and locations quickly and easily from any device, with geoIP based features to easily locate businesses and services within customer’s locality. By the time of writing this, we already had ¼ million free listing and is growing.

  • Why we did it?

Semantictrade was born out of the need to find business information at a centralized place. While trying to find vendors both local and international, the founder of was forced to unnecessarily navigate from website to website trying to make out bits and pieces of information here and there. This also became a trust issue due to lack of evidence of the legitimacy and verifiability of businesses online given the influx in fake online businesses during the social media boom in the 2000s.

  • What about in future?

Semantictrade is here to stay, we are sure of that and we will certainly ensure that we continue to improve our website, provide easiest of access, as well as design new features and services for our customers and businesses alike in a win-win scenario. We are also developing primary language display from different countries, for example, if a user accesses from Russia, the website’s fonts and language will change to the Russian native language.

The list of improvements and innovative ideas on our roadmap is bursting, while we are at it, we would like to thank you for visiting us.



Revised: March | 2018
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